Shuya Nanahara

Shuya Nanahara

    Battle Royale
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Overview… a middle schooler who has been dealt some pretty bad hands in life. Shuya’s mother deserted the family, and his father committed suicide shortly before he began seventh grade. Now, to make things even worse, Shuya’s class has been chosen to participate in the annual Battle Royale, a gladiatorial contest in which students are forced to kill one another until only one remains. Shuya has to fight for survival while trying to protect his morals and his friends.

Personality… cynical, protective, and courageous. Shuya’s generally pessimistic outlook on life does not stop him from caring about the well-being of others. When his best friend Nobu dies early in the contest, Shuya vows to defend Nobu’s crush, Noriko, with every fiber of his being. He might be a killer, but he is definitely not a cruel or selfish one. 


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