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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up... as the princess of Wakanda. Shuri was raised in a loving family made up of her father King T’Chaka, her mother Queen Ramonda, and her older brother Prince T’Challa, future heir to the Wakandan throne.

Living... in Wakanda, the small African nation posing as a poor farming country. In reality, however, it’s actually the most technologically advanced nation in the world.

Profession... genius-level engineer. With her older brother set to inherit the throne and the Black Panther superpowers that come with it, Shuri carved out her own interest in science and technology. She’s arguably the smartest scientist on the planet, with knowledge and technology that far surpasses the work of better-known geniuses like Tony Stark and Bruce Banner. She designs everything from weaponry and defenses to communications and transportation.

Interests... pop culture and pranks. Shuri gets inspiration for her inventions from American movies, and she’s social media savvy as well. Though she takes her work seriously, she always has time to pull a prank on her older brother or make fun of his fashion choices.

Relationship Status... single. Shuri is an eligible young princess, but right now she’s mostly focused on her work.

Challenge... aiding her brother. In addition to working on general scientific and engineering developments for Wakanda, Shuri also serves as tech support for her older brother. She’s constantly working on improving his suits and gear in order to make him a more effective superhero. When the going gets tough, Shuri is always the first to have T’Challa’s back.

Personality... sarcastic, spirited, and not one to stand on ceremony. Unlike her stoic, regal brother, Shuri is much more of a jokester. She doesn’t take royal protocol all that seriously. As she jokes at T’Challa’s coronation ceremony, “This corset is really uncomfortable, so can we all just wrap it up and go home?" In times of trouble, the brilliant Shuri is a fierce ally to have on your side. But for the most part, she fits the model of a goofy younger sibling.


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