Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up… in a deadly rivalry over the heart of a young woman. Back then, Shredder was still known as Oroku Saki. When the girl was finally won over by his rival, Shredder killed them both – after which he was attacked by his rival’s pet rat, who damaged his face permanently. (That rat later mutated into Splinter, his great rival.) The scarring to Shredder’s face explains the mask he wears now.

Living… in New York City. Crime is on the rise and Shredder deserves much of the blame – or from his perspective, the credit.

Profession... criminal leader of “The Foot,” a rag-tag group of young masked criminals in New York City, donned “Foot Soldiers.” Shredder acts as something of a father figure to recruit angsty New York City youths who have lost their way in life. Shredder goes for the throat, bringing around kids who don’t know any better and promising them a kind of family, plus some very awesome ninja training to boot.

Interests… chaos, crime, and domination. Shredder is interested in bringing fear into the hearts of men, and gaining a bad reputation for himself among mainstream society and a good reputation among fellow criminals looking for a larger organization.

Relationship Status… single. Shredder once loved a woman, but it all ended in jealousy and bloodshed. This lost love seems to have made him a bitter and evil man—though maybe he was always rotten to the core.

Challenge… dominating the entire crime scene in New York City. At the outset of assembling his Foot Clan, Shredder’s soldiers focus on petty theft. The NYPD doesn’t stand a chance against the widespread crime. The only threat to Shredder’s dominion is a force of four teenage mutant ninja turtles trained by Splinter, who have a knack for knocking out Foot Soldiers.

Personality… envious and power-hungry. Shredder is a damaged villain – both inside and out. His history of coming out second-best is certainly a driving force in his current conquest. He is driven by fear, anger, and hate. Sadly, there are many youths out there driven by the same emotions, and they’re flocking to his Foot Clan in droves.


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