Shirley Schmidt
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Shirley Schmidt

Boston Legal

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About Her

Living… in a new city, Boston. Shirley Schmidt spent the last several years of her life at the New York branch of the law firm she helped found – Crane, Poole & Schmidt – but has been called to Boston in order to help control their chaotic office.

Profession… lawyer and boss at the eccentric law firm Crane, Poole & Schmidt. Shirley is not only an incredible litigator, but is also able to bring out the absolute best in the people she works with. Her expectations are high, and if you fail to meet them it’s time to fail at a new job. But she still manages to capture the adoration of everyone who works for her.

Interests… running the world. When Shirley isn’t overseeing one of the most powerful law firms in the business, she’s serving on the boards of universities, libraries, and museums. She tirelessly uses her considerable talents and resources to make the world a better place.

Relationship status… single, a fact that draws the attention of most men she meets. Shirley has dated many men throughout her life, most of them powerful and influential. Some of her former lovers include her fellow partner Denny Crane, Ivan Tiggs, and, at one point, the secretary of defense. While Shirley doesn’t make romantic relationships a priority, most men do shortly after meeting her, meaning that she’s constantly navigating romantic waters – even in her own office.

Challenge… managing her incredibly hectic law firm. While Crane, Poole & Schmidt employs some of the most brilliant lawyers in the business, they come with a host of eccentricities. Between the colorful antics of aging partner Denny Crane, the unconventional legal tactics employed by Alan Shore, and the revolving door of crazy clients, Shirley is constantly struggling to keep the office in balance. If dealing with her coworkers doesn’t keep her busy, her own heavy caseload and the constant stream of suitors will.

Personality… smart, funny, and powerful. Shirley Schmidt is seen by most of the men in her life as the perfect woman. Authoritative but compassionate, she is an ideal leader, and one of the only people that could hope to wrangle her eccentric staff. While Shirley is goal-oriented and professional, she faces the ridiculous antics of her coworkers with a smile, and manages to be fun even while getting things done. Her long, full life has given her plenty of confidence and insight, traits that further buoy her already impressive litigation skills. 

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