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Grew Up... in a loving family of fox demons – until the Thunder Brothers, a pair of demon hunters, killed his father. Despite his youth, Shippo took it upon himself to avenge his father’s death and goes searching for the sacred Jewel of Four Souls, a relic that grants demons incredible power.

Living... on the road with the half-demon Inuyasha and schoolgirl Kagome, who also seek the Jewel. Despite an inauspicious first meeting, Shippo quickly becomes attached to the duo after they help him defeat the Thunder Brothers. Inuyasha isn’t the hugest fan of the young fox spirit, but even he can't say no when tiny, orphaned Shippo asks, “Why can’t I stay with you?”

Profession... none. Unless being cute and using fox magic to help his newfound friends is a job. But since Shippo’s magic is mostly limited to illusions and being cute only gets you so far, he often finds himself needing more help than he gives.

Interests... making friends, playing pranks, and having fun. Although Shippo can act very mature for his age, he's still a child at heart and finds glee in pulling pranks on others, especially Inuyasha.

Relationship Status... single – for now. Despite having the appearance of a cute young child (or perhaps because of it), Shippo occasionally finds himself in romances with young human girls. However, since Inuyasha and Kagome are always on the move and Shippo must leave too, these romances frequently turn bittersweet, with young love taking a backseat to stopping evil.

Challenge... aiding his friends as he grows into a respectable fox demon. This isn’t to say that Shippo isn't involved in the quest to find and protect the Jewel of Four Souls, but he travels with Kagome and Inuyasha more because he feels at home with them, not because he wants to save the world.

Personality... loving and caring, but also mischievous. Inuyasha claims that Shippo will “only act the good kid when it’s convenient," and while it's not entirely true, Shippo certainly isn't above using his cuteness to get ahead in life. Still a young child, he can be occasionally cowardly, hiding or even fleeing from battle. But when his friends truly need his help, Shippo will do his best to fight his fear.

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