Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living… in the resplendent Magic-User realm. Shin looks down upon the squalor living conditions of Hole, and the likewise impoverished and often scrappy residents that live within. A sorcerer of great combat skill, Shin is able to use the money he makes as a cleaner to live a comfortable life as a sorcerer of high standing within the Magic-User realm.

Profession… cleaner, employed by the powerful sorcerer En. Shin is considered to be a part of En’s “family.” Though the job requires him to make many trips into Hole where he has to fight people who he is unchallenged by, he enjoys the job, being invigorated by the opportunity to fight and take the lives of others. Shin will hesitate to fight and kill those who are weaker than him unless he feels like they have engaged in behaviors that make them deserving of being killed. For example, in the aftermath of fighting a group of gang members that he was easily able to kill, Shin cries out to their dead bodies, “None of you were supposed to die today. But you risked your precious lives for some idiot reason. Fine, die then!” 

Interests… spending time with his closest friend Noi. They often go out to eat together, whether that’s together as friends, or attending fancy events together as high-ranking sorcerers within the Magic-User realm. When he is eating with Noi, he will often challenge her to a contest to see who can finish their meal faster, leaving the bill to the loser—only to reveal that he has already finished his food as soon as Noi accepts the challenge. 

Relationship Status… single. Noi will sometimes be affectionate with Shin, but it’s uncertain if these are romantic advances, or Noi is close to her as a good friend. Shin is often embarrassed by these displays of affection and has a hard time returning them. Regardless, Shin and Noi often refer to their relationship as being that of a teacher and a student.

Challenge… dealing with the “Magician Killer” Caiman and his partner, Nikaido. First, there’s the issue of tracking the two down in the sprawling maze that is Hole in the first place, and second, the two Hole residents have a reputation of being a deadly duo, hunting and killing sorcerers on the regular. Though these difficulties may put off others, Shin is intrigued by the opportunity to fight more worthy opponents. 

Personality… levelheaded, fearless, and driven. Shin is usually collected and professional at all hours. The one way to get him out of his shell is the prospect of a good fight. Though he doesn’t like the idea of killing those who are weaker than him, he will kill those who he believes are throwing away their lives by attacking him, even if he can easily win against them, something which will invigorate Shin and make him act much more excitable and causes him to show his personality much more. In the aftermath of a bloody fight, he’ll even reflect on it fondly or with excitement. Still, in day-to-day life, Shin is all-around a pretty calm and unreactive person.


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