Sherman Klump
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Sherman Klump

The Nutty Professor

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About Him

Grew Up… in the Klump household, a colorful place to say the least. Sherman isn’t much like the rest of his family. He loves them dearly, but it’s clear that he chose the direction of education and the culture of the university where Papa, Mama, Grandma, and Ernie Klump did not. The one thing Sherman definitely does share with his family, though, is his appreciation for good eatin’.

Living… alone in his apartment. With only food and a television for company, Sherman can get a little lonely at times. Which mostly makes him want to eat and watch more TV.

Profession… professor of chemistry at Wellman College. He’s working on a revolutionary new weight-loss formula. Though Sherman loves the work of chemistry, he has a crazed administrative figure, Dean Richmond, breathing down his neck. Dean Richmond is a man bent on success and improving his school’s reputation. He’s not only demanding of Sherman, but downright menacing. He screams and threatens to fire the professor often – even threatening to kill Sherman if he doesn’t come up with results.

Interests… chemistry and food. Indeed, it would be difficult to say which one is Sherman’s first love. Sherman likes to eat, but he also wants to help people. The chemistry he works on could change the world, and more than personal fame and fortune, Sherman wants to ease the suffering of others.

Relationship Status… single. But Sherman has fallen for Carla Purty, a graduate student who is teaching her first Introductory Chemistry class. Carla has just moved into the classroom across the hallway. She has followed Sherman’s work for some time and has a lot of respect for him as an academic. Sherman only hopes they can become more than just colleagues.

Challenge… conquering his thin alter-ego, Buddy Love, and his own lack of self-confidence. After Sherman’s weight-loss serum creates the brash, split personality of Buddy Love, Sherman has to fight to hold onto who he is. At first Sherman likes transforming into the bold Buddy, because as he puts it, “Buddy's who I thought the whole world wanted me to be.” Sherman’s challenge is to accept himself for who he is and find someone else who will too.

Personality… intelligent, deferential, and considerate. Sherman isn’t very confident, and as a result he isn’t always very happy. However, his kind, friendly demeanor endears him to others. Even though he’s different from his family, he never gives up on them. “Daddy, all I'm saying is that scientific breakthroughs are occurring all the time,” he says at the dinner table. To which his Uncle Ernie interjects, “The only thing that's 'bout to break through is your [butt] 'bout to break through the seat of your pants.”

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