Sheeni Saunders
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Sheeni Saunders

Youth in Revolt

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About Her

Overview… a young woman feeling trapped by her conservative lifestyle. All Sheeni wants is a beautiful French boy to whisk her off her feet into a lifetime of freedom and adventure. Instead, she gets awkward and clumsy Nick. He’s certainly sweet enough. Still, he just isn’t her ideal type. But all that is about to change when Nick decides to cast off his old self in order to become the man of Sheeni’s dreams.

Personality… spirited, coquettish, and challenging. Sheeni Saunders may bat her lashes and give a lot of flirty glances, but she expects you to work for her affections. Nick’s antics get crazier and crazier as he struggles to keep Sheeni’s interest. It’s only a matter of time before he is driven over the edge. Literally.  


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