Shaun of the Dead
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living… aimlessly in London, where Shaun shares a flat with two other people – the uptight Pete, who actually pays rent, and Shaun’s best friend Ed, who crashed on the couch five years ago and never left. Ed’s constant presence is a source of tension in the house, as he’s constantly aggravating Pete, and as mentioned before, doesn’t pay rent.

Profession… electronics shop employee. Shaun doesn’t really have much direction or ambition, and fritters away his days, unenthusiastically peddling electronics.

Interests… drinking at the Winchester Pub with Ed. It’s a Monday? Time to go to the Winchester. Friday? He’ll hit up the Winchester. Any other day-that-ends-in-day? Winchester. The monotony of the routine is really starting to bother Shaun’s girlfriend, Liz.

Relationship status… dating Liz, although the relationship is starting to get rocky. Shaun’s complete lack of ambition and his proclivity for spending every night at the Winchester with Ed is starting to drive the two apart. Liz wants to love Shaun – but he doesn’t make it easy.

Challenge… surviving the zombie apocalypse. Shaun’s well-entrenched routine is finally interrupted when his town is attacked by shambling, cannibalistic monsters. They aren’t the smartest or most dangerous foes – but Shaun isn’t the smartest or most dangerous hero. He’s going to have to finally apply himself if he hopes to save the lives of Liz, Ed, his mother, and other friends.

Personality… lazy and loyal. Shaun used to dream of being a DJ, but found himself content to keep working his dead end job when he began to realize how much work it would take to become a professional musician. He’s loyal to Ed to a fault, not only providing a place for him to live, but hanging out with him so often that it negatively effects his other relationships. While Shaun’s life and experiences are fairly boring, he is not. He possesses a dry sense of humor that becomes a key coping mechanism as the world crumbles around him.


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