The Horse and His Boy

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Grew up… in the country of Calormen, with a poor fisherman that he called Father. But it was plain that they were not actually related – they looked completely different. Furthermore, the fisherman is not kind to him at all, working him to exhaustion.

Living… on the road. Shasta found out the fisherman was going to sell him as a slave, so he decided to run away to the North. He’s accompanied by a talking horse named Bree, which is a good thing as otherwise Shasta wouldn’t fare very well, having never learned to ride or survive on his own.

Profession… none. He used to help with fishing, carrying, and mending nets, but now he’s just trying to get to the North in one piece.

Interests… the North. Shasta had always heard stories about it, and people often said that he looked like a Northerner himself. In the evening, while mending nets, he often used to look toward the North and wonder if all the fantastical tales were true. Now he’s going to find out for himself.

Relationship Status… none. Shasta never had anyone who cared about him before. Now he has Bree, and they’ve been joined on their journey by fellow talking horse Hwin, and her arrogant noblewoman rider Aravis.

Challenge… making it to the North, and making a better life for himself. The way from Calormen to the North is through warring territories, and Shasta and Bree stand a good chance of being captured or killed as enemy combatants. Once they do arrive – if they do – Shasta will have to figure out what to do with himself, now that he can make his own choices.

Personality… bold but naïve. Shasta never had a chance to be educated in anything, not even manners, so he can be blunt and even rude. But he is fiercely loyal to those who are kind to him, and even will attack a lion to save someone he doesn’t know. 

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