Shane Walsh
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Shane Walsh

The Walking Dead

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Overview... a cop trying to survive in an apocalyptic world. Just days after his best friend and partner Rick Grimes slipped into a coma, the world began to fall apart as a disease turned the dead into blood-thirsty “walkers.” Shane vowed to look after Rick’s wife Lori while his son Carl and fled town to find shelter elsewhere. Camping alongside a small band of survivors, Shane is equal parts muscle and mind for the group.

Personality... aggressive, pragmatic, and possessive. More so than most, Shane realizes that this harsh new apocalyptic reality has changed the game for humanity: those who want to stay alive are going to have to make hard, selfish choices. That doesn’t particularly bother Shane, who’s always been a bit obsessive and controlling. His skill with combat and firearms make him both a powerful protector for those he loves and a fearsome threat to those he views as his enemies. 

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Shane Walsh
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