Shane McCutcheon
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Shane McCutcheon

The L Word

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About Her

Grew up… in Austin, Texas, without a father. Shane’s drug-addicted mother passed her off to foster care when she was young, and Shane eventually dropped out of high school. She worked on the streets as a prostitute to make ends meet.

Living… in the Greater Los Angeles area of West Hollywood. Shane lives in a tiny one bedroom apartment with three other women. She can’t afford much else with her wages.

Profession... hairdresser at the Lather salon. When a richer client picked her up off the streets away from prostitution, he helped Shane onto a career as a hairstylist in the fashionable Hollywood area.

Interests… partying, sex, and women. Shane loves to have a good time and loves going out to bars in the area.

Relationship Status… verysingle. Shane is certainly the most lustful of her friends, and she’s always on the lookout for a new hookup. It doesn’t matter where she is or when, as soon as she sets her eyes on a target, Shane is likely to try and get that woman to sleep with her by the end of the day – though it usually takes her about five minutes in reality.

Challenge… trying to stay out of the way of vengeful exes. Shane’s questionable behavior leads her into many flings as well as many difficult situations. It seems like everyone in the area knows Shane for her notorious habits of picking up women and promising them many things, before leaving the next morning, never to be seen again. Her friends have even drawn up an entire web of those she has hooked up with over the years.

Personality… charming, licentious, and confident. Shane knows she’s sexy, and she isn’t afraid to show it. She is wild, impulsive, and reckless with her habits and her sexuality, which often gets her into trouble when she engages in affairs with women who are already in relationships with other people. Though she may act cocky and move with a lot of swagger, deep down Shane has a lot of personal insecurities and vulnerabilities that she keeps guarded and that prevent her from getting close to people. 

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