Shane Falco
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Shane Falco

The Replacements

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About Him

Living… in Washington D.C., where everyone thinks he’s a joke. It's not completely unwarranted, either: Shane's playing quarterback for the Sentinels, but it's not his first time in big-time football. Several years ago, he played for Ohio State, where Shane made it to Sugar Bowl – only to completely panic, costing his team the game. Now Shane’s back in the spotlight, but everyone, including himself, is just expecting another disaster.

Profession… football player for the Washington Sentinels after the entire team goes on strike. When this happened in Detroit, the management went out and bought an entire semi-pro team. Washington management, on other hand, is taking a gamble by going with unknowns like Shane.

Interests… getting closer to his teammates. They're all new to this situation and none of them really know each other, so the new Sentinels initially find it hard to work together. However, after getting in a fight with the original Sentinels, the replacements seem to be getting closer – being in jail with a person really speeds up the “getting-to-know-you” process.

Relationship Status… the only thing going for him right now. Head cheerleader Annabelle is beautiful, funny, and the only person who really believes in him. Shane's attracted, but he's not sure he can live up to her expectations: "I'm not who you think I am," he tells her. She says he’s not who he thinks he is. But Annabelle has faith in him, and she refuses to be daunted. 

Challenge… not letting everybody down. Even when the new Sentinels started looking good as a team, it didn't change the fact that they were just replacements. Some of the old players are crossing trying to come back, but the new players don’t want them back: this is their team now. They think they can win on their own.

Personality… determined and responsible, but guilt-ridden. Even though he's still hung up on his failure at the Sugar Bowl, Shane's determined to get his ragtag team into shape. After years of mulling over what could have been, Shane's finally getting his second chance, and he's determined not to blow it.

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