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Shane Botwin


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About Him

Living… in sunny Agrestic, CA, with his brother Silas and parents. One day his dad dies unexpectedly of a heart attack during a jog with Shane. The family takes a dysfunctional turn when his mom starts selling marijuana to maintain the comfortable lifestyle the family enjoyed under his dad’s engineer salary. 

Profession… elementary school student. Shane is routinely bullied, and acts out in response – he sprays a tormentor with a paint-filled super-soaker, writes a hardcore rap about killing a classmate, and bites a kid during a karate tournament.

Relationship Status… single… but give him a couple years. He’ll be in a toxic relationship just like every other Botwin soon enough.

Challenge… dealing with his dad’s death.His outbursts at school aren’t always seen as the expressions of grief that they really are. Shane sits on the roof of his home and watches home videos as a coping mechanism. In one video, he asks his dad if he thinks he is weird. “Totally weird, but you're awesome,” his dad replies. “Αnd I wouldn't trade you in for any other ten-year-old on earth… You are the amazing, unbelievable Shane Botwin.”

Personality… erratic, intelligent, and angry. With an expansive vocabulary and macabre wit, Shane is probably the smartest person in the Botkin clan. But he also exhibits sociopathic behavior, committing acts of physical violence and staring holes into skulls with his creepy glare.

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