Shakugan no Shana

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living... as a Flame Haze, a human allied with a Lord of the Crimson Realm. As a Flame Haze, Shana helps protect citizens of Earth from the Crimson Denizens, who would steal human "Power of Existence" for their own means.

Visiting... Earth, after stumbling into Yuji Sakai, a human boy who should already be dead. But Shana soon finds out that not only is Yuji a Torch, the imprint of a human who has already died, but also a Mystes – a special type of Torch who contains a magical Treasure Tool within him. Intrigued, Shana begins watching Yuji, and it's not long before she's claimed his house as her own.  

Profession… Flame Haze. Though since she's moved in with Yuji, she's taken up high school life as well. As a student, Shana excels at all her subjects and in sports, though "socializing" continues to elude her.

Interests… initially, nothing more than defeating Flame Denizens. When Shana first meets Yuji, she's dead-set on her duties as a Flame Haze, refusing to even give herself a name because "a name isn't going to help me carry out my missions." But as Shana spends more time with Yuji, she begins developing more typical teenage interests, including a formidable love for all things sweet – especially melon bread.

Relationship Status… single. Shana might be beautiful and intelligent, but she's not exactly experienced when it comes to romance. In fact, she's so clueless that at one point, she asks a classmate to "teach me how to make babies." But her lack of romantic experience doesn't stop Shana from crushing on some of her classmates.

Challenge… maintaining the balance between Earth and the Crimson Realm. At several inches under five feet tall, Shana hardly looks like a formidable fighter – but don't be fooled. Despite her temper and slight inexperience, Shana's skill with swords and spells have made her one of the most feared names among Crimson Denizens.  

Personality… fiery, fierce, and fearless. Shana might technically be on the side of good, but she can be pretty abrasive, snapping at her allies and constantly telling Yuji to: "Just shut up! Shut up! Shut up!" But as time goes on, Shana begins to show a softer side, proving her loyalty and bravery as both a warrior and a friend.  

See Her In... the anime. A mixture of action, romance, and high school drama, Shakugan no Shana follows the adventures of fiery fighter Shana and Yuji, the normal human boy who quickly proves to more than he seems. From this premise, writer Yashichiro Takahashi builds a vivid world, full of complex spells and monstrous villains. With strong worldbuilding, well-animated fights, and many strong female characters, Shana's dramedy setup means it has something for everyone.


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