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Shadow Moon

American Gods

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About Him

Living… on the road. Shadow got out of prison only to realize that his wife and best friend had just died. So he took a job with the mysterious Mr. Wednesday, acting as his bodyguard while they travel around America, talking to strange characters that seem to share a past with Wednesday. Not that he’ll explain what that is.

Profession… ex-con and bodyguard. Mostly he just does whatever Wednesday tells him to, and picks up a few tricks along the way. For instance, he’s recently learned how to pull a coin out of thin air.

Interests… reading, coin tricks, and keeping to himself. Shadow tends to keep his cards close to his vest, but when he does open up, it’s often to do a little sleight of hand.

Relationship Status… widowed. His beloved wife Laura died in a car crash right before he was released from prison. Although, strange things have been happening recently, so there’s a chance she’s not as gone as he thought she was.

Challenge… figuring out what his place is in the brewing conflict between Wednesday and his associates. Wednesday is gathering together some kind of alliance, and he claims that Shadow’s an important part of a war. Problem is, Shadow doesn’t even know what the stakes are, or who’s fighting. He has to figure out what’s going on and not endanger himself accidentally.

Personality… quiet and capable. Shadow doesn’t talk a lot, and he doesn’t seem to mind being dragged around the country on Wednesday’s missions. If he doesn’t show a lot on the outside, though, it’s certainly not because he’s not thinking. Shadow’s seen many sides of humanity, and he is frequently given to musing about religion, belief, love, war, and any number of other big ideas. But that doesn’t mean he’s all warm and fuzzy — when told not to be afraid of the dark, he replies, “I’m not. I’m afraid of the people in the dark.”

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