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Seth Rogen

This Is the End

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About Him

Grew Up... trying to break into Hollywood. He wrote comedy screenplays with his childhood friend Jay Baruchel in hopes of getting noticed. Finally, he started getting noticed after starring in and writing a series of successful films.

Living… in LA, on the verge of the apocalypse. Jay Baruchel has come to visit Seth, and although the friends have drifted apart over the years, they still consider each other “besties.” Seth is very much a part of the Hollywood scene, and he partakes in the lifestyle of a rich party-goer, while Jay would much rather stay at home and eat “a bunch of dirty burgers” and smoke a “pound of weed.” Seth convinces Jay to come with him to famous actor James Franco’s house, where he’s hosting a huge Hollywood party. Unfortunately for them, this is when disaster strikes.

Profession… movie star. Not only does Seth Rogen write blockbusters, he also stars in them. The movies “Knocked Up” and “Pineapple Express” made him such a cultural icon that his new best friends are fellow movie stars James Franco and Jonah Hill.

Interests… marijuana, alcohol and Carl’s Jr. – even though he won’t eat it today because he’s “on a cleanse.” He’ll still smoke weed and drink booze though. As he puts it: “I’m on a cleanse. I’m not psychotic.”

Relationship Status… single. His money and wit would attract just about anyone he wants, but once all hell breaks loose, the last thing on his mind is romance.

Challenge… surviving the apocalypse. No one can explain why LA is being destroyed by fire and brimstone. The only thing these goofy friends care about is holing up in James Franco’s mansion and living off their supplies as long as they can. Unfortunately they only have booze, weed, and a single Milky Way candy bar.

Personality… funny and selfish. Seth’s ego has inflated a lot recently, as his stock has risen in Hollywood. Jay doesn’t like the new Seth as much as the one he grew up with, but as long as Seth continues to love Jay with all of his heart, the two of them won’t be broken apart by anything less than the end of the world.

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