Seth Davis
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Seth Davis

Boiler Room

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Overview... a 19-year-old who goes from running an illegal casino in his New York apartment to working as a stock broker at a shady firm. If anything, Seth’s problem is that he’s too good at his job. He quickly becomes a trainee at the firm – J.T. Marlin – passes his Series Seven securities exam, advances to junior broker, and starts producing for his own account. After that sky was the limit. But if there’s anyone prone to flying too close to the sun, it’s Seth. Once he saw the kind of money he could make from what turns out to be basically another form of illegal gambling, it’s very difficult for him to walk away.

Personality... smart and ambitious, but naive. The Feds want him as their rat at J.T. Marlin. Since he’s still relatively new, his loyalties don't run too deep. He’s smarter than his lot and the Feds know it. If he could put his smarts to a more productive (or legal) end, he might be able to actually do something that won't lead him to a jail cell. But that won’t be easy for him.

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