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Seth Bullock


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Grew up… in Canada before he came to Montana. Seth saw himself fit to provide the order that the American West so desperately needs. He comes from a long line of law enforcers. As he says, “My father served in the British Royal Army, and my brother Robert was a cavalryman, killed fighting the Comancheros in Texas.”

Living… in the Deadwood miners camp. Seth is in the minority in Deadwood; unlike most others, he did not come to find gold. Rather, he came to start a business venture with his friend, Sol. The two saw an opportunity to start a hardware store for the miners.

Profession… former U.S. Marshall. Seth tried to leave the law behind in Montana, but found that his instinct for enforcing justice was stronger than his entrepreneurial desires. As he put it, “I took the badge off myself once, without losing my impulse to beat on certain types.” Several townspeople think Seth is the best choice to be sheriff of Deadwood, and he eventually obliges them.

Interests… loyalty and justice. It’s difficult being an honest man in the wild and corrupt city of Deadwood, especially when moral interests are competing with business interests.

Relationship Status... complicated. Seth is drawn to the recently widowed, and quite wealthy, Alma Garret, but that would cause a minor scandal. Then there’s the wife of his now-dead brother, whom Seth promised to marry in his brother’s place. If Mrs. Bullock actually arrives in Deadwood to accept Seth’s offer, things could get messy indeed.

Challenge… enforcing the law where there is none. The only order that exists in Deadwood is the law of the market, which tends to be carried out by the ruthless owner of the Gem Saloon, Al Swearengen. Seth may find it difficult to make friends in such a place – and far too easy to make enemies.

Personality… determined, honest and moral, despite his wild temper. Seth is a man of few words, though when he does express himself he tends to be belligerent, always on guard. Seth is a good man to have on your side, and one of the last men you’d want as an enemy.

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