Seth Brundle
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Seth Brundle

The Fly

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About Him

Overview... a whacked-out scientist working on his teleportation method. Working on it is like a drug to him, though heretofore a perfectly pure and benign drug. But something’s been affecting his health. At first he thought it was nothing, just a hiccup, a little interruption of his rhythms. Soon he learned a fly got into the transmitter pod with him, the computer got confused, and it decided to splice them together. Now he’s not really Seth Brundle anymore. Instead, he’s the offspring of Brundle and housefly.

Personality... eccentric, wry, and poetic. He doesn’t have a social life, so there's nothing for anyone to interfere with. He’s convinced he’s on the verge of the most earth-shattering invention ever. The one that ends all concepts of transport, of borders and frontiers, of time and space. And the book will end with him transporting himself 15 feet through space from one telepod to another. Unless, of course, it all goes horribly wrong.

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