Francis Troy
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Francis Troy

Far From the Madding Crowd

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About Him

Living… in Weatherby, England, in the 19th century. Weatherby is a rural town, with most of its economy based in agriculture. 

Profession… former soldier. Francis retired from her Majesty's service where he was a successful Sergeant. He has come back to Weatherby to make a living as a farmer.

Interests… gambling,dancing, and flirting. He can dance as well with a sword as he can with his tongue. And just as it gets him in the good graces of ladies, it also gets him into trouble.

Relationship Status… formerly engaged. Troy loved a servant named Fanny Robin, but she left him at the altar. He has never forgiven her even though she claims that she just went to the wrong church. He has moved on to a new infatuation – the beautiful and headstrong farm owner, Bathsheba. She’s a rare self-made woman of her time. She initially isn't attracted to Francis. But after he shows off his sword skills to Bathsheba, she is impressed.

Challenge… competing to win the heart of Bathsheba. She has at least two other suitors, including Gabriel Oak (a sheep farmer) and William Boldwood (a wealthy farmer in his forties). Frances is using all his charms to win her over, but he is starting to wonder if she is worth all the effort. As he says to her, "A woman like you does more damage than she can conceivably imagine."

Personality… appealing, polite, brazen, gawdy, and impetuous. However, for all his confidence, Francis has a darker side and a bad temper.

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