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28 Days Later...

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About Her

Grew up... in London, during a simpler time before the "Rage Virus" swept through the U.K. and changed everything.

Living... in a sweet-shop in the London underground, trying to weather what appears to be the end of the world. Twenty eight days ago, the Animal Liberation Front released a chimpanzee that was infected with the terrifying Rage Virus — a genetically engineered variant of the Ebola virus that turns people into aggressive, flesh-eating monsters. Selena and her partner Mark are two of the few surviving humans, and are eager to try and kill as many of the infected as they can.

Profession... former chemist, but what she did before the virus is of little consequence. Selena now spends her time surviving, a pastime that can only be practiced by a warrior who knows how to fight and knows when to run.

Interests... finding other survivors, collecting weapons and supplies needed to survive. She isn’t optimistic that the world will ever return to normal, and has resigned herself to her new, rough lifestyle. As she tells it, “Staying alive’s as good as it gets.”

Relationship Status... widowed by the outbreak. Selena was forced to impale and kill her husband, David, when he was infected by the Rage Virus and tried to attack her. The new world isn’t exactly ripe for romance, and Selena has resigned herself to a lonely existence. Still, the recently recovered survivor Jim is a comforting presence, and one that Selena finds herself grateful for.

Challenge... staying alive. So far, Selena’s proved better at it than most of London, but as the days wear on, it becomes harder and harder. Supplies become more and more scarce, and more infected people begin to fill the streets. As her tools shrink and her enemies multiply, it’s becoming increasingly important for Selena to attempt the impossible and escape quarantined London.

Personality... pessimistic and tough. Selena is like a modern day Amazonian warrior. She acts as a sort of group leader, even though she has no master plan. She’s good at keeping people organized and reminding them of what’s important. She’s willing to make the hard calls, and refuses to suffer the wages of hesitation. She’ll cut down her best friend — or her husband — if they’re infected.

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