Sebastien de Valmont
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Sebastien de Valmont

Dangerous Liaisons

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About Him

Living... the high life in the late 1800s in Paris.

Profession… aristocrat. He doesn’t have to work, so he passes his time gossiping and scheming with his former lover, Marquise Isabelle de Merteuil. They think the same way: betrayal is their favorite word.

Interests… dangerous liasons. He and The Marquis keep score of their sexual conquests, competing with each other over how many hearts they can break. The Marquis’ latest plan is to get back at her scorned lover by having Valmont seduce his virginal fiancé. But Valmont has his eyes set on Madame de Tourvel, a married woman known for her fidelity to her husband. He and the Marquis end making a deal. If Valmont can seduce both women with written proof of the trysts, the Marquis agrees to reward him with her love for a night.

Relationship Status... surprising. As Valmont says about Madame de Tournvel, “I ended by falling on my knees and pledging her eternal love. And do you know that, at that time, and for several hours afterwards, I actually meant it.” Valmont is not sure what to do now; being in love is a new concept for him.

Challenge... dealing with The Marquis who feels betrayed. She is doing everything she can to break off his affair with Madame de Tourvel. 

Personality... witty, manipulative, and sexy (even when wearing a long-haired wig). Valmont is quite clever and can keep up with The Marquis’ verbal sparring. When it comes down to it, though, he is not quite as cold as she is. 

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