Sebastian Wilder

Sebastian Wilder

    La La Land
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living... in an apartment he can barely afford in Los Angeles. But, he’s got enough space for his records and he’s close to all the music and L.A. sites that he loves. L.A. is a city for dreamers, and Seb is definitely one of them.

Profession... jazz pianist. Although, for Seb, jazz is more than just a job; it’s a lifestyle. Right now Seb is stuck playing at restaurants or in ‘80s cover bands just so he can pay his bills. But someday, he hopes to open up his own club and only play the kind of music he loves.

Interests... music. Seb is a purist. He believes in the beauty and power of jazz music, and he’s put in the hours of study and practice to support that belief. You can usually find Seb hanging around his favorite club or improvising at the keyboard.

Relationship Status... single. There’s this actress girl named Mia that he keeps running into on the freeway and at parties in the Hollywood Hills, but right now she just seems more annoying than anything else.

Challenge... achieving his dream of being a successful musician. It’s not as simple as just playing his songs, though. Seb’s realizing he’ll have to make some sacrifices, and maybe even sell out in some ways.

Personality... passionate, stubborn, and single-minded. Sometimes Seb has trouble getting organized enough to achieve what he wants. But, once Seb sets his mind on a goal, he works whole-heartedly toward it. He can be a romantic too; he loves old Hollywood and he loves being able to share that magic with someone. But, it can be hard for Seb to find a balance between everything he loves.


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