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Sebastian Castellanos

The Evil Within

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About Him

Grew Up... in Krimson City. Sebastian “Seb” Castellanos raised his family in the seemingly ordinary town of Krimson City. However, the further Sebastian descends, the more the city becomes a twisted, monstrous version of itself.

Living... in Beacon Mental Hospital. Sebastian’s nightmare begins when he is sent to investigate Beacon Mental Hospital, the site of a mass murder. He soon discovers that he is dealing with powerful evil forces beyond his comprehension.

Profession... detective. Once a star officer, Sebastian started to lose his passion for the job as his personal life suffered. Only after his partner Joseph Oda reported him to Internal Affairs did Sebastian begin to turn his life around.

Interests... alcohol. To deal with his pain, Sebastian began drinking heavily. Numbing the pain through alcohol was the only relief he could find because he refused to ask others for help.

Relationship Status... married. Sebastian is married to Myra, a fellow detective. They even had a daughter. However, after investigating a dark organization that seemed to be involved with their daughter’s death, Myra herself disappeared.

Challenge... figuring out what is real. After fighting numerous monsters and apparitions in the increasingly evil Krimson City, Sebastian becomes determined to figure out what is really going on. The answer seems to involve a shadowy figure named Ruvik.                                                     

Personality... dejected. Losing both his wife and daughter shattered Sebastian, and he blames himself. This new dark reality he finds himself in only increases his despair. As he says, “When did I lose sight of what’s real?”

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