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Sean Murphy

Moone Boy

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About Him

Living… in Boyle, Ireland, during the 1980s with his creator and best friend, Martin Moone. Life could be boring in such a tiny, rural town, but not for Seán. Being Martin’s imaginary pal/adventure buddy is always an… interesting time.

Profession… full-time friend. Seán isn’t always thrilled about his role, but he’s usually pretty accepting of Martin’s antics overall: “Ever wanted to be the imaginary friend of an idiot boy in the west of Ireland? Me neither, but there you go.” Hey, fabrications can’t be choosers.

Interests… riding bikes with Martin, composing love letters with Martin, tearing down walls with Martin, dancing on top of recently torn down walls with Martin, etc. Basically, Seán spends all his time with his chipper little pal.

Relationship Status… single. Seán is too preoccupied with taking care of Martin to embark on a romance, no matter how imaginary. He is always available to console or defend his friend. If one of Martin’s sisters tries to upset their brother by calling him a “mistake”, Seán will retaliate instantly: “Not a mistake! An accident!”

Challenge… getting Martin out of awkward situations. Martin is the kind of kid who can wind up destroying his bike, kissing a dead bird, and writing a love letter to his own sister, all in the same week. Luckily, Seán has lots of advice on how to deal with each of the aforementioned situations. The downside? None of it is usually any good. 

Personality… playful and happy-go-lucky. Seán is usually down for whatever Martin wants to do, no matter how weird. Seán has been involved in spray-painting an entire room neon yellow, he has aided the concoction of a plan to obtain a long-term supply of gourmet food, and much, much more.

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