Sean Murphy
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Sean Murphy

Ghost Ship

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About Him

Living… on the Arctic Warrior, an ocean salvage ship.

Profession… ship captain of a salvage crew. The Arctic Warrior’s crew were celebrating a success when they were approached by Jack Ferriman, a Canadian pilot who has spotted a ship in the international waters of the Bering Sea. It’s fair game to anyone, so Murphy and his crew are headed out again.

Interests… making some money – at least at first. The ship that Ferriman found was the mysterious Antonia Graza, a ship full of gold that disappeared decades ago. Murphy’s excited to have some of that fortune himself. But when they board the ship, things start going wrong almost immediately, and Murphy’s starting to worry that maybe his life, not money, should be his focus right now.

Relationship Status… on hold, since he’s stranded on a boat in the middle of the ocean.

Challenge… getting off the damn ship. Soon after they boarded the Antonia Graza, the Arctic Warrior exploded, killing a crew member. Now he has to pilot the old ship back to shore, when it seems like there’s some supernatural force trying to stop them. It’s not about the gold anymore. It’s about survival.

Personality… fatalistic. Murphy had a bad feeling about this from the start, especially when they discovered dead bodies on the ship. He’s had a little too much insight into the human character to be surprised by murder and evil, but he wasn’t prepared to deal with supernatural evil.

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