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About Him

Grew up… wanting to help people. Sean went to med school in order to make a difference in people’s lives. Little did he know that he’d primarily end up serving Miami Beach’s wealthy, vain models.

Living… in Miami, a world full of sun, sex, and decadence. Sean is constantly surrounded by his glamorous clients, many of whom would do anything to have the famous Dr. Sean McNamara perform their breast augmentation.

Profession… partner at the prestigious McNamara/Troy plastic surgery clinic. Sean, who was first in his class back in college, gave up his dream of helping the deformed and mutilated and succumbed to the chic allure of vanity surgeries. Not even the most idealistic of us can easily resist the temptations of money and beauty.

Relationship Status… in a very rocky marriage to Julia, his college sweetheart. Christian, Sean’s best friend and partner, introduced him to Julia back when they were at school together. Sean was once seduced by Julia’s exterior beauty, though he eventually came to learn that she wasn’t so nice on the inside.

Challenge… balancing his tumultuous marriage and his career. Sean only wants to do what’s best for his family, though his wife seems to want to make that job as hard as possible. On top of it all, Sean is constantly being bombarded with temptation – many beautiful women love the idea of a plastic surgeon.

Personality… idealistic, kind, and conflicted. Sean knows that plastic surgery can be an evil business. He originally got into it for the good reasons – to help people in genuine need – though now he takes a cynical view of the business. As he tells his partner, Christian” “What we do is let people externalize the hatred we feel about themselves.” Sean is a basically good man who may have lost his way.

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