Sean Maguire
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Sean Maguire

Good Will Hunting

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About Him

Grew up… in South Boston in a working-class family. Despite his humble beginnings Sean proved himself to be academically gifted, and was eventually accepted to Harvard University where he studied psychology.

Living… alone in Boston. The city is full of memories of his childhood and his late wife. While those reminscences are often painful, Sean can’t imagine living anywhere else.

Profession… a professor of psychology and part-time counselor at Bunker Hill Community College. Sean is a talented teacher and counselor but has to deal with the fact that many of his former classmates think he’s wasting his potential. Still, Sean has never been one to bow to others' opinions, and finds meaning in his relatively unglamorous work. While Sean has worked with many troublesome clients over the years, he may have found his most difficult client ever in the brilliant and combative Will Hunting.

Relationship Status… widowed. Sean is still deeply in love with his late wife, who died of cancer years ago. The shadow of his wife looms large over Sean’s life, and in the logical (and professional) part of his mind he knows that he needs to try and move on. But that’s easier said than done, and Sean finds comfort languishing in the bittersweet memories of the woman he loved more than anything.

Challenge… helping Will Hunting overcome his bevy of psychological issues. Will is undeniably brilliant and capable of accomplishing great things. However, Will seems to resent the pressure that accompanies these expectations, preferring to push people and opportunities away so he can continue to live his stagnant life. If Sean can make a real connection with Will, he’ll be doing a service to Will, himself, and the world at large – providing it with a rare, bonafide genius.

Personality… funny, jovial, honest, and intelligent. Sean might not be able to instantly solve a mathematical theorem like Will, but he possesses a quiet wisdom that comes from a lifetime of trying to understand people and their problems. His greatest gift as a psychologist and person is his ability to pass on his romantic worldview to the people around him.

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