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Grew up… working in London’s entertainment industry. Sean and his wife Beverly have conquered the United Kingdom’s television business with their sitcom “Lyman’s Boys,” a show about a stuffy headmaster of a boarding school.

Living… in a McMansion somewhere in Beverly Hills, Calif. Sean seems to be acclimating to his new environment fairly well. “Feel that sunshine!” he says to his grumpy wife as they drive down a boulevard lined with palm trees. “Don’t say ‘skin cancer’!”

Profession… executive producer of “Pucks!,” the shallow American adaptation of “Lyman’s Boys.” Sean doesn’t mind sacrificing his integrity to make a bad sitcom starring Matt LeBlanc, aka Joey Tribbiani from “Friends,” because he’s in it for the money. As Sean tells his wife: “If we do this and we’re a hit, a hit show in the States, a big stonking hit, it’s like winning the lottery, we’d never have to work again!”

Interests… the Los Angeles lifestyle. Sean spent most of his life disparaging L.A.’s stereotypically insipid culture, but he’s found the atmosphere surprisingly rewarding – especially considering all the attention he’s receiving from Hollywood starlets.

Relationship Status… married to his writing partner, Beverly. While Sean is impressed with L.A.’s glitz and glamour, he’s finding it hard to convince his wife that this new project is worth their time. He’s also finding it difficult to convince her that he’s not attracted to their show’s lead actress, Morning Randolph.

Challenge… making it out of L.A. with his reputation and dignity intact. Sean has been seduced by the showbiz milieu, but it’s up to him to see that his new show’s stars, Morning Randolph and Matt LeBlanc, aren’t driving a wedge between him and his wife.

Personality… shy, reserved, and polite. Sean is an uptight Brit who is learning to let loose in his adopted city. He’s developed a new, more relaxed side of himself ever since he arrived in Los Angeles.

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