Sean Kendrick

Sean Kendrick

The Scorpio Races

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About Him

Grew Up… on Thisby Island. Nine years ago when he was a child, his father was killed, eaten by a capall uisce, a water horse, during the Scorpio Races, leaving Sean a poor orphan.

Living… in a tiny room at the Malvern place. It’s a tough life, but Sean doesn’t mind, as long as he gets to stay near the capaill uisce. Although he works for the rich and pompous Malverns, Sean doesn’t make a lot of money. He’s saving what little he makes so he can buy his favorite capall uisce from the Malverns.

Profession… stable boy, capall uisce trainer, and rider in the Scorpio Races. Sean works in the stables of the Malverns, who own the largest horse yard on Thisby. He is also the reigning champion of the races. This November, he hopes to protect that title.

Interests… understanding the capaill uisce, enjoying the beach, and riding on the back of a fierce animal.

Relationship Status… complicated. Sean really wants to concentrate on his own problems, but there’s this stubborn girl on the island who seems determined to get herself killed, and he can’t stop himself from helping her.

Challenge… buying the capall uisce called Corr from Benjamin Malvern and getting a place of his own. Benjamin isn’t interested in selling the water horse and is even less so in letting Sean go– the way the boy handles the capaill uisce is almost magical. That’s why Sean needs to win the Scorpio Races and get more funds, so maybe he can use money to convince Malvern to give him Corr.

Personality… stoic, hard working, and bristly. Convinced that his father died because he couldn’t control his fear, Sean believes he must not feel fear. Consequently, he does everything he can to hide his emotions. He dedicates himself completely to the horses, so that he knows horses better than he knows people. In fact, he confesses, “I trust Corr more than any of them [people]. I should not trust him at all.” Maybe he should try being less prickly to people and see what happens.

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