Sean Finnerty
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Sean Finnerty

Grounded for Life

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Grew Up… in Staten Island with his younger brother, Eddie, his father, Walt, and his mother, Catherine. His mother died when he was 30. When he was in high school, he impregnated his girlfriend, Claudia, and then married her. Despite his untraditional young adulthood, Sean enjoys his current life.

Living… in Staten Island with his wife, Claudia; their daughter, Lily; and their sons, Henry and Jimmy. His house often serves as home base for his brother and father, despite the fact that both men have their own residences. Sean is very proud of his house and his family, having essentially “made it” despite being a young parent with a blue-collar job.

Profession… subway worker. Though he aspires for much more, Sean is good at what he does. His only wish is that his wife wouldn’t also have to work to support the family, given his very traditional upbringing. His father often judges him for allowing his wife to work. Yet, through the process of having a working wife, Sean feels immense respect for Claudia and views her more as a partner.

Interests… sports, beer, drinking, watching TV, not having to deal with his kids, ignoring his judgmental father, keeping his family safe from his horrible and irresponsible brother, and fighting with the principal at his kids’ Catholic school.

Relationship Status… married to Claudia. Sean loves his wife. Though they often butt heads over the little things in life, on the big issues they stand together as a team. Due to the fact that they’re both very stubborn, they tend to argue more than the average couple. In his own words, “Claudia lied to me, so I’m being an ass.” Despite this, it’s very clear that they love one another very deeply.

Challenge… making it work. Although Claudia takes care of the kids and the house, Sean tries his best to lend a hand here and there. When it comes to his kids, he’s very protective and often gets into arguments with the mean-spirited principal at their school. Though he loves them, he seems to enjoy punishing his kids, though he does feel responsible and personally guilty about his parenting style when they do something wrong. He loves Claudia and tries his best to take care of her and help her out in any way that he can, though he often ends up making the situation worse or harder for her. At the end of the day, though, his family knows that he means well. 

Personality… stubborn, hotheaded, loving, overbearing. When it comes to his kids and his wife, Sean always wants to get into their business. This often results in them getting angry with him for being either too protective, or too jealous, or too crazy. 

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