Sean Devine
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Sean Devine

Mystic River

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About Him

Grew Up... in Boston, playing games in the street like any other city kid. One day while playing hockey, Sean’s friend Dave is abducted by child molesters and held captive for four days before finally escaping. Sean’s friendship with Dave was scarred forever, as were their psyches.

Living… in Boston. Twenty-five years later, Sean works in law enforcement. His pregnant wife has left him due to his troublesome personality and his focus on his work.

Profession… detective with the Massachusetts State Police. When a young girl is murdered, Sean is immediately put on the case, chasing down leads with his partner Sergeant Whitey Powers. Sean tracks down brutal killers, even when he’s only given a handful of clues.

Interests… catching criminals. At the same time, Sean realizes that not all criminals can be put behind bars. Some criminals are more help to Sean out on the streets, to help catch bigger fish, than they might be in prison.

Relationship Status… married, but it’s rocky. His wife Lauren recently left him, and while he’s an ace at solving mysteries out on the streets, he can’t seem to solve the mysteries of his heart—or those of his wife’s.

Challenge… solving this murder case. There’s still a killer out there somewhere, a killer who may be dangerous, who may be plotting to kill again. What’s more, his friend Dave has become a prime suspect in the case.

Personality… meticulous, methodical, and street-wise. Sean comes from the streets of Boston and knows them like the back of his hand. Being friends with the criminal Jimmy Markum gives him insight into the city’s underbelly.

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