Sean Bateman
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Sean Bateman

The Rules of Attraction

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About Him

Grew Up… in a wealthy family, but he is ashamed of his background. Sean will do anything to convince his peers that he’s not a privileged brat.

Living… in his dorm at Camden College, New Hampshire. Instead of studying, he spends his days partying, doing drugs, and thinking about women.

Profession… drug dealer. Sean is one of the most reputable dealers on campus, and there is a lot of demand for what he sells – Camden is quite the party school.  But things are getting complicated with Sean’s supplier who is threatening him over thousands of dollars he said he is owed. 

Interests… drugs, girls, and booze. Though he discourses on love and loss, Sean can’t claim to have ever had a real, emotional relationship with anyone. 

Relationship Status… single, though he claims to have “real” feelings for his friend Lauren. But if it doesn’t work out with Lauren, there is always her ex-boyfriend Paul, who is a bisexual and wants to sleep with Sean. 

Challenge… confessing his love to Lauren. The melodramatic Sean is having trouble dealing with his emotions. He seems to want to have a real relationship with Lauren, though he’ll never be able to make himself emotionally available if he remains stoned and drunk all the time.

Personality… jaded and cynical. Sean is a world-weary aesthete who spends his time numbing himself with drugs and meaningless sex. He summarizes his own personality well when he compares himself to an emotional vampire: “I feed off of other people’s real emotions. Search for the night’s prey. Who will it be?”



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