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Sean Archer


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About Him

Living… in the wake of his son’s murder. He’s been uptight and angry ever since a wayward bullet (intended for Archer himself) killed his son. The assassin was none other than Castor Troy, a notorious criminal whom Sean has spent years trying to catch. Now, the hunt is more personal than ever. To catch Castor, Sean has forsaken his home life.

Profession… special agent for the FBI. Sean catches big-time criminals. Day and night, Archer devotes himself to catching Troy, who is now at his most dangerous. Troy has hidden a weapon of mass destruction somewhere in L.A., and Sean needs to find it.

Interests… revenge, and going undercover. Sean will try anything to catch Castor Troy so he can finally retire and rest easy.

Relationship Status… married, but to his job as much as to his wife. Sean began to drift away after their son’s death. They still visit young Michael’s grave every year at his birthday, but it’s going to take a lot of work to bring Sean and his wife back together.

Challenge… stopping Castor Troy. There’s a bomb somewhere, and the only people who know where it is are Castor Troy and his brother. Sean decides to take advantage of an innovative surgical technique to literally put Troy's face on his own so that he can pretend to be Troy to foil the bomb plot. If that seems like a complicated plan, things will only get hairier from there.

Personality… frustrated, driven, and single-minded. Sean didn’t used to be so bitter. And hopefully once he frees himself of the burden of catching Castor Troy, he’ll be able to relax a bit. For now, he is known as having a “bug in his ass.” When his underlings ask to take a break, he shouts, “We’ll take a break when the case breaks!” Sean has never recovered from the death of his son, but for the sake of the rest of his family – and himself – he needs to find a way to move on. Maybe stopping Troy once and for all will enable him to do that.

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