Screech Powers

Screech Powers

    Saved by the Bell
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living… in the Palisades in Southern California as an only child. Screech’s mother is obsessed with Elvis and his father is rarely around. To help ease the loneliness of being an only child, he built and programmed a robot friend named Kevin. Screech also has a hound dog named Hound Dog.

Profession… head nerd of Bayside High School. In spite of his staunch nerdiness, he’s friends with the coolest kids in school. He’s usually roped into whatever scheme Zack Morris is cooking up. The two have been friends since kindergarten. Screech excels academically and does not only his own homework but Zack’s as well. In exchange, Screech is protected from bullies and hangs with Bayside’s A-list.

Interests… insects. He has an ant farm, a fly farm, and a worm collection. He’s also an astronomy aficionado, with a model solar system in his room. Screech is an occasional musician, playing keyboard in his and his friends’ band, Zack Attack. He also plays chess and dabbles in photography.

Relationship Status… hopelessly single. Screech lacks the charisma, charm, and good looks of his friends and is too young to use his nerd cred to his advantage. Unfortunately, the girl he chooses to pursue, Lisa Turtle, is not charmed by his dorky personality. He’s been rejected by her for years, aside from prom, where she went with him out of pity.

Challenge… common sense. Screech excels at academics, yet the commonalities of everyday life can bewilder him. A running joke among his friends is how he often misunderstands jokes or conversations.

Personality… clueless. At times, Screech seems to be self-aware of his goofball qualities, yet at other times he fancies himself a ladies’ man, without irony. Unlike many nerds, he’s generally quite comfortable with himself, and doesn’t mind the ribbing he gets from his friends. It’s hard to be mean to someone that good-natured. He’s loyal and honest, at times to a fault. He’s just not one to trust to really keep a secret.


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