Hester Ulrich
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Hester Ulrich

Scream Queens

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About Her

Grew Up with scoliosis, so she has to wear a neck brace at all times. Not the best look for someone who’s planning on joining the richest, meanest sorority on campus. 

Living at Wallace University, where she is pledging to the infamous Kappa Kappa Tau sorority, lead by Chanel Oberlin. 

Profession  college student and Chanel-wannabe. Hester idolizes Chanel and longs to be part of her clique, also called the Chanels. Unfortunately, Chanel isn’t exactly a nice person, and so Hester needs to seriously impress her before she stands any chance. 

Interests death. Hester is weirdly obsessed with death, and what’s more, she’s not afraid to talk about her morbid fascinations. She’s also obsessed with Chanel. Really, she’s an obsessive person. She happily declares, “Chanel says I can hold her hair back now on purge nights!” 

Relationship Status single, although as part of her obsession with Chanel, she’s also interested in Chanel’s boyfriend, the not-very-faithful Chad. 

Challenge becoming Chanel’s friend—or becoming Chanel herself—while the Kappas are all under attack from a serial killer known as the Red Devil. 

Personality… obsessive and strange, Hester is a little off-putting. She is intelligent and devoted, but her motivations are obscure to most people.

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