Grace Gardner
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Grace Gardner

Scream Queens

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About Her

Grew Up with her father, since her mother died when she was two. Since then, Grace and her father Wes have been best friends. 

Living at Kappa Kappa Tau, a sorority on the campus of Wallace University. Her father tried to get her to avoid sororities due to their bad reputation, but Grace is confident that she can get what she wants out of her time there. Plus, her mom was a Kappa when she was in school, so it’s a way Grace can feel close to her. 

Profession  college student—though how much studying she’ll get done is up in the air, because the Kappas are being targeted and that can be a bit distracting. 

Interests investigation and movies. Grace is a fan of the Twilight movies (Team Edward!) and How To Lose A Guy In Ten Days. When she’s not watching movies, though, she’s investigating the strange goings-on and trying to discover the secrets that all the other Kappas are hiding. 

Relationship Status single, for now. Although there’s someone who’s catching her eye; he might just be hiding his own secrets. 

Challenge discovering the identity of the Red Devil, the serial killer that has been picking off the Kappas one by one. Grace has a keen investigative mind, but she’s trying to work from within the middle of the storm. So not only does she have to find out who the Red Devil is and why they are killing Kappas, she is also at risk of being murdered herself. 

Personality… intelligent, independent, and curious. She has a good sense for people; she’s able to detect when someone is trouble and should be avoided, and when someone will make a good ally. She follows through on all the clues and details, and while she’s generally nice to people, she will confront someone about the evidence if she finds it. She’s not afraid to take action, and she’s not a fan of the negative atmosphere the current Kappa president creates.

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