Chanel Oberlin

Chanel Oberlin

    Scream Queens
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up in a rich and influential family that gave Chanel a taste for luxury, especially in clothing. Unfortunately, the money didn’t really translate to affection, and her parents don’t pay much attention to her. 

Living at the house of Kappa Kappa Tau, the top sorority on the campus of Wallace University. 

Profession college student and grade-A queen bee. Chanel is the president of Kappa Kappa Tau, and she doesn’t let anyone forget it. As for her future, Chanel fully expects to continue being rich and fabulous and in charge.  

Interests fashion and manipulation. People are tools for Chanel, and she will use them to get her way. She also has a way with particularly colorful insults. 

Relationship Status dating her boyfriend Chad. Chanel is more devoted to him than to almost anyone else, despite the fact that he is constantly cheating on her. She keeps trying to make it work, though. 

Challenge discovering the identity of the serial killer, the Red Devil. For some reason, the Kappas are being targeted by a mysterious killer who wears a devil costume. If Chanel is going to hang on to her presidency, and her life, she needs to figure out who the killer is. And there just might be a chance that the Red Devil is one of the Kappas themselves. 

Personality… mean, manipulative, and insecure. Chanel is an expert at manipulating people, and she’s gathered a posse of “friends,” but while they do what she wants, they aren’t real friends, and Chanel knows it. She tends to freak out when things don’t go her way, and treats other people as lesser – but all of this is to boost her confidence because she is insecure about her lack of strong relationships.


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