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About Him

Grew up… in Hudson, Ohio: America’s heartland. Scott was thrilled about graduating high school, and optimistic about his future…at least until the girl of his dreams, Fiona, dumped him after graduation. To make thing even worse, her new boyfriend Donny revealed that Fiona had been cheating on Scotty for quite some time, and spread the details all over town when he performed his infectiously catchy song, “Scotty Doesn’t Know.”

Visiting… Europe. After his earth-shattering breakup, Scott is looking for a rebound. When he learns that his German pen pal, Mieke, isn’t a creepy man like he originally thought, but is actually a beautiful woman, he decides to go and find her in her native land.

Interests… as much as he tries to disavow it, Scott’s main interests are drinking and partying. He and his friend Cooper stumble through drunken hijinks, all in the pursuit of “crazy European sex.”

Relationship Status… heartbroken, but slowly recovering from his breakup with Fiona. Despite the fact that he didn’t know whether Mieke was a man or a woman, he has strong feelings for her, and feels that they developed a strong connection throughout their long tenure as pen pals. Even if he can only be with her for one night, Scott is desperate for anything that will take his mind off Fiona and her infidelity.

Challenge… finding Mieke in Europe. The only glimmer of hope in Scott’s life comes from the prospect of finding, and bedding, Mieke. She was ready to “give herself” to Scott before he inadvertently insulted her. Now, he needs to find her before she finds someone else. Unfortunately, getting to Berlin isn’t quite as easy as Scotty anticipated…

Personality… innocent, fun-loving, and slightly desperate. Scotty isn’t a complicated guy, and while he’s intelligent and thoughtful, he enjoys participating in the kind of stupidity that only results from heavy drinking. Scott will do nearly anything to try and forget his ex-girlfriend – although much to his surprise, crossing Europe with his friends is doing almost as much to heal his heart as sleeping with Mieke would. Almost.

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