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Scott Favor

My Own Private Idaho

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About Him

Grew Up... in Portland with his parents, a swimming pool, a maid, and an inheritance he will get when he turns 21. But Scott left them all for the streets.

Living... on the street to settle a bet with his father. Scott’s living away from home for three years to prove a point – that he doesn't need anyone else and can live on his own.

Profession... hustler. Scott sells his body for cash. He's also done some modeling –not involving the face, just the full body.

Interests... spending time with Mike, a guy he met on a job for a lady who wanted three guys in one night. She likes to have three guys because it takes her a little while to get warmed up. But Mike has narcolepsy and passed out in the middle of it. Scott had to take him home, and they've been friends ever since.

Relationship Status... single. As a street hustler, Scott hasn’t really found the time for a meaningful relationship. He only has sex with a guy for money, so he says he is not gay.

Challenge... proving to his parents that he is worth something. When Scott turns 21 and inherits his fortune, he plans to leave the streets. As he says, “I will change when everybody expects it the least.”

Personality… ambitious. Becoming a hustler is part of a larger plan Scott has for his life. He even wants to run for mayor.

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