Scarlet Witch

Scarlet Witch

    Marvel Cinematic Universe
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up... in the tiny European country of Sokovia. She and her twin brother Pietro (a.k.a Quicksilver) had a happy childhood until a tragedy tore their family apart and left her seeking revenge against weapons dealer Tony Stark.  

Living... with an evil organization known as HYRDA, which has been housing her ever since they began conducting experiments on the Maximoff twins.  

Profession... a human weapon. Wanda volunteered herself to HYDRA as a subject for scientific experiments was designed to create super-powered humans. While most of the test subjects died, Wanda and Pietro survived the process. She emerged with the ability to create powerful energy forces around her. She can also manipulate other people’s thoughts and force them confront their worst fears.  

Interests... political activism, revenge, and protecting her people.

Relationship Status... single. Wanda doesn’t have time for anything other than seeking revenge on those who hurt her and her family. The only person she really cares about is twin brother Pietro, with whom she shares a deep emotional bond.

Challenge... figuring out whom to trust. After Sokovia was ripped apart by war, Wanda and Pietro became protesters against foreign forces seeking to control the world, particularly the superhero team the Avengers. (Of course, the Avengers saw themselves as saving the world, not controlling it.) Wanda and Pietro joined forces with HYDRA and later a sentient robot named Ultron in an attempt to “correct” the global balance of power. But as she begins to understand the complexities of the world, Wanda realizes she may have misjudged both her friends and her enemies.

Personality... grounded, powerful, and vindictive, but, ultimately, caring. Wanda never acts out of a desire for personal gain, but rather from her instinct to protect her people. Although her abilities can be aggressive and destructive, she can also harness them for good. When she’s dedicated to a cause she’s both courageous and selfless. Wanda also has a remarkable knack for reading people, which she channels into her hypnotic mind-control powers.


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