Sayid Jarrah

Sayid Jarrah

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Character Analysis

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Living... on a remote island with a diverse group of survivors after the crash of Oceanic Flight 815. Though they’re unfairly wary of his Iraqi heritage, they come around when he shows he can make a fire and hunt for boar.

Profession... formerly a major in the Iraqi Republican Guard, a.k.a. a torture specialist. Now that he’s out of the army and on the island, Sayid searches for the origin of a strange and eerie French radio signal coming from inside the jungle. If that wasn’t weird enough, the distress call has been looping for 16 years.

Interests… playing judge, jury and (sometimes) torturer for anyone brazen enough to steal or hide supplies. Usually, that means the island’s resident con man, Sawyer.

Relationship Status... finding love, in a blossoming romance with an American girl named Shannon. When her asthma medication goes missing, Sayid springs into action – and Sawyer better watch out. But Sayid still has emotional scars over losing the love of his life pre-crash. Nadia was an Iraqi insurgent whom he was ordered to kill. He instead helped her escape, and he spent the next decade looking for her as she stayed on the run.

Challenge... dealing with racist accusations of terrorism from Sawyer on top of all the normal problems that come with being stranded in the middle of the Pacific. As a former member of the Iraqi military, he believes he has better survival skills than either Jack or John, the two men fighting for control of the group. Sayid often disagrees with their decisions, but also uses his skills to dispense justice after any wrongdoing in their camp.

Personality... tough but caring. He only hurts people to help the ones he loves. He assaults Sawyer to assist Shannon; he was also willing to inflict pain, even death, upon others to save Nadia. Sayid tries hard to adhere to a strict code. When he once wrongfully accuses a fellow survivor, he takes a self-imposed exile away from the group. But it can be an emotionally draining line to walk, and all the suffering that Sayid has seen – and inflicted – takes its toll.


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