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Grew up… feeling like an outsider, even in his own community. Saul was one of the only Jewish residents of Calliope, Ind., for which he faced discrimination. He spent his early life trying to fit in with his community. Now he’s doing all he can to stay under the radar.

Living… in the direct center of a political and diplomatic hurricane. Saul resides in Washington D.C., but he spend most of his time trying to solve international quarrels at CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia.

Profession… CIA officer. Saul knows the ins and outs of international politics like no one else at the agency. He’s been at the heart of conflicts in the Middle East since the beginning of his career. As a result, Saul is a reasonable realist who’s willing to sacrifice himself for his country.

Interests… none, aside from his job. Saul’s entire life revolves around the CIA. The job eats him up, even though he knows that it’s toxic for his personal life. “Everyone lies in this business,” he says. “I accept that.”

Relationship Status… precarious. Saul is married, but it seems that he’s only holding onto his wife by a thin thread.

Challenge… saving the United States and his marriage. Thwarting terrorist attacks on U.S. soil is one thing, but preventing “the love of my life walking out my door” may prove to be even tougher.

Personality… reserved, sober, and determined. The ever-patient Saul is willing to play the “long game” when it comes to diplomacy and spycraft. He is the most reasoned and grounded member of his elite CIA team. Without Saul, the agency might well implode.

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