Satsuki Kusakabe

Satsuki Kusakabe

    My Neighbor Totoro

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Overview... a new girl in the neighborhood. When young Satsuki Kuskabe father moves to a new house with her and younger sister Mei, the two young girls can't help but see it as a huge adventure. From house cleanings that turn up soot sprites, to bus stop encounters with forest spirits, life in the countryside is full of constant surprise and wonder for Satsuki and Mei. While her mother's health causes Satsuki some distress, this worry is mostly dispelled by idyllic days playing with her sister in the forests and fields of rural Japan.

Personality... cheerful, imaginative, and free-spirited, Satsuki is still responsible enough to take care of the much more impulsive Mei. Although at eleven, Satsuki might sometimes think of herself as too grown-up for her younger sister, the ease with which she's sucked into Mei's plans shows that Satsuki is just as prone to flights of fancy as her younger sister.


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