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The Descent

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Overview… a woman on a harrowing journey. Struggling with depression after her husband and daughter passed away, Sarah is persuaded by her friends to join them on a spelunking expedition to try to get her mind off things. Once they’re below ground, however, Sarah starts to see strange humanoid figures slinking through the stone tunnels. At first she thinks her mind is playing tricks on her, but once the group is attacked she realizes that they are horribly real. As the spelunking incident turns into a bloodbath, Sarah has to struggle to make it out of the caves in one piece.

Personality… reserved, sensitive, tenacious, and deeply sad. Sarah’s depression doesn’t stop her from acting as a sort of leader among the group; she is the first to notice the creatures and the first to understand how they operate. Tragedy has forged Sarah into a survivor, and now, trapped miles below the earth, she’ll put that label to the ultimate test.

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