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Sarah Williams


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Living… in a quiet, suburban home. Sarah wants to have fun, but her father and stepmother force her to stay home and take care of her baby half-brother, Toby.

Visiting… the mysterious Labyrinth of Jareth the Goblin King. After unknowingly summoning Jareth to Toby’s bedroom, Sarah and her half-brother are transported to a magical realm filled with goblins, dwarves, and other strange creatures. 

Profession… teenage babysitter. Sarah is just a 15-year-old girl who would rather be alone and definitely not taking care of her drooling half-brother. She doesn’t even particularly like him, since all he does is remind Sarah of her irritating stepmother.

Interests… reading and theatre. Sarah spends her time reading books and acting out her favorite scenes from plays. Currently, her favorite book is The Labyrinth, a fable that is prophetic of the fairytale that's about to engulf her life.

Relationship Status… single. Sarah is only fifteen, too young for real romance in the eyes of most. However, Jareth disagrees: the Goblin King has fallen in love with Sarah, and he's pulling out all the tricks to make her stay with him. Sarah, however, is determined not to fall for his charms.

Challenge… navigating the Labyrinth and saving Toby. After Sarah wishes that goblins take away her half-brother, Jareth steals Toby and transports Sarah to his Labyrinth. Now, Sarah has only 13 hours to traverse the dangerous maze and reach Jareth's castle before he keeps Toby forever. Luckily, however, some of the bizarre creatures in Jareth's world seem eager to her on her quest.

Personality… moody, clever, and kind. Sarah is angry with her half-brother because of her stepmother, but she wouldn’t actually want Toby to be harmed. Although Jareth offers her great things in exchange for forgetting about Toby, Sarah refuses, instead deciding to selflessly risk her life to save him. Friendly and sweet, Sarah has plenty of problems of her own, but she won't hesitate to stop to help others. Strong-willed and smart, Sarah might be young, but she certainly stands a chance of besting the Goblin King. 

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