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Sarah Walker


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Grew up… in a world of lies. Sarah’s father was a con man who often incorporated Sarah into his schemes. She spent her youth drifting from city to city, swindling people out of enough money to survive.

Living… in Burbank, California, where she has been assigned by the CIA to protect Chuck Bartowski – a regular guy who ended up with all of the CIA and NSA’s secrets stuck inside his head.

Profession… secret agent. She was first approached by the CIA when she was 18 years old, and she’s been entangled in the world of espionage ever since. Sarah is an extremely capable and dangerous agent, known as the “wild card enforcer” of the CIA. She lives for the job and is completely focused on completing the mission, no matter the personal cost.

Interests… guns, knives, and martial arts. Sarah has dedicated her entire life to the CIA, and doesn’t display any interests outside of her job.

Relationship status… married to her job. In reality, she’s single, but she pretends to be Chuck Bartowski’s girlfriend to blend into his life and protect him. She insists that this cover is purely professional, but coming from a world of liars and killers, there’s something appealing about the honest and kind Chuck.

Challenge… protecting Chuck. When Chuck absorbed the government’s secrets he became an invaluable asset and an essential component to many dangerous black ops missions. While she has years of experience under his belt, Chuck has spent his life becoming honest, trusting and kind: the exact opposite of a good spy. Of course, in the world of espionage nothing is ever what it appears, and Sarah has a few skeletons in her closet to keep from Chuck as they get closer.

Personality… guarded, professional, and capable of extreme acts of manipulation. Sarah can take on different personalities on a whim and understands the value of never letting anyone know exactly what she’s thinking. She diligently masks her emotions and hides her past, but deep down, she’s surprisingly gentle and kind – particularly to Chuck. 

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