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Grew Up… in Los Angeles as the oldest of three siblings in a neurotic, Jewish family. Sarah was always the responsible one, and although she went through a lesbian phase when she was younger, she grew up to lead a fairly conventional life.

Living… in Los Angeles in a beautiful house. She’s got the whole upper-middle class suburban setup: husband and two kids, luxury soccer mom car, and a housekeeper to help keep it all together.

Profession… stay-at-home mom. Sarah’s main job is maintaining the façade of perfection, which is starting crack a bit.

Interests… taking care of her kids, and trying to be the best wife and mother that she can be. Although, her interest in family is perhaps starting to fall to the wayside as another one of her passions ­– good sex – starts to take precedence in her life.

Relationship Status…married­. But unhappily so, if she’s being really honest. When Sarah runs into her old college girlfriend Tammy, she realizes that there may still be some lingering feelings and sparks, resulting in a bit of infidelity.

Challenge… dealing with her unresolved feelings for Tammy and her buried homosexuality. Sarah is figuring out how to come out as a lesbian after she’s already started a family with her husband– just as her father is also figuring out how to come out as a trans woman. There are a lot of queer issues to deal with in the Pfefferman family.

Personality… passionate, strong, and a go-getter.  Sarah cares deeply about her family and strives to take care of them as best she can, even if her own occasionally self-centered desires point her toward serving herself instead of others. No matter what, though, Sarah knows how to get something done once she sets her mind to it – especially when that something is pursuing a relationship with Tammy.

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