Sarah Connor

Sarah Connor

    The Terminator
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living… on the run. One night, Sarah finds herself being hunted down by a mysterious man. Luckily, she escapes with the help of the handsome Kyle Reese, who explains that he’s been sent from the future to protect her.

Profession… former college student and waitress. Sarah quickly learns that she’s destined to become someone greater than she ever thought she’d be. Kyle Reese reveals that he’s been sent back in time from the year 2029 to protect her from The Terminator, an artificially intelligent cyborg intent on annihilating her.

Relationship Status… single, though Sarah is drawn to her protector, Kyle.

Challenge… surviving. Sarah is destined to give birth to a man named John Connor who will grow up lead the human resistance against The Machines. The future of the human race relies on her.

Personality… unsure and scared. Sarah Connor is capable of amazing things, but she is still coming to grips with the fact that her life has such tremendous importance. “Oh come on. Do I look like the mother of the future?” she asks Kyle Reese. “I mean am I tough, organized? I can’t even balance my checkbook. Look, Reese, I didn’t ask for this honor and I don’t want it, any of it!”


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